Harry Ainlay’s first Tri-Prov tournament, founded by present City of Edmonton Councilor, Bryan Anderson, took place in 1974. The participants of this tournament included top caliber teams from British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Today, the tournament has expanded from a senior men’s tournament to also include senior women, junior men, junior women, junior high men, and junior high women.

Tri-Prov’s ongoing success eventually led to its division into three excellent competitions: Junior Tri-Prov, Senior Tri-Prov, and Junior High Tri-Prov. Due to its intensity and energy, Tri-Prov is now ranked as one of the premier high school basketball tournaments in the country. The dedication and efforts of student executives, numerous volunteers, staff advisors, and the tournament directors has enabled Harry Ainlay to host its upcoming 36th annual Tri-Prov basketball tournament.

Appreciation and thanks goes out to all the businesses and patrons who have provided support for this exciting event.